What You Need To Know About Your Sunblock

The sun is important to us and we do need its vitamin D for our skin. However, too much sun rays are not healthy too. The rays that are most damaging to our skin are called ultraviolet (UV) rays and has two basic types: UVB and UVA.

  • UVB rays: responsible for producing sunburn. Play the greatest role in causing skin cancers, including the deadly black mole form of skin cancer (malignant melanoma).

  • UVA rays: also plays a role in skin cancer formation. It can penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a greater role in premature skin aging changes including wrinkle formation.

Fortunately, sunblock can help reduce the risk of the negative effects of sun exposure – skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Make sure your sunblock does not contain oxybenzone and avobenzone, substances shown to protect skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, but can cause sunburns and skin cancer. Some experts are concerned that these

chemicals may be absorbed through the skin, leading to skin irritation, hormonal

disruption – even skin cancer.

Wild Rose Moisturising SPF 30

Moisturise and protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB throughout the day with our Wild Rose Moisturising SPF 30. It is also free from harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin such as oxybenzone and avobenzone.

This face moisturiser that also act as sunscreen is antioxidant-rich, contains organic wild rosehip seed oil and nourishing shea butter and baobab oil, as well as a balancing blend of geranium and patchouli essential oils. It will keep your skin beautifully soft throughout the day.

Other benefits of Wild Rose Moisturising SPF 30:

  • It’s suitable for all skin types

  • Moisturises your skin for up to 12 hours

  • 100% mineral sun filter

Tips: Apply a light layer on your face every morning after applying your usual moisturiser and avoid contact with the delicate eye area.

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